Afghanistans Future Without US Military

As of July 7, 2021, the United States military has pulled out of Afghanistan for all intents and purposes, effectively ending the United States’ presence in the region since October of 2001.  Politico stated that the military currently has roughly only 600 remaining troops in Afghanistan, most of whom are Marine Corps and Army personnel providing security at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Given President Joe Biden’s comments last week that American troops will leave by late August, this early and nearly complete withdrawal in mid-July sends a message that the U.S. has no further interest in helping to secure the region through military support.

Will Afghanistan fall to the Taliban again?

Many news outlets continue to report that the Taliban has made major inroads in Afghanistan and is conquering progressively larger land swaths. The burning question is whether the Afghan military will be able to defeat the Taliban or even hold them back.  There is much concern that without U.S. support, the Afghan military will struggle to maintain control. 

Reuters reported that Taliban fighters in Afghanistan seized control of a major border crossing with Pakistan, one of the most important objectives they have achieved so far during a rapid advance across the country as U.S. forces pull out.  Video released by the militants showed their white flag with black Koranic verse flying in place of the Afghanistan flag above the Friendship Gate at the border crossing in the Afghan town of Wesh, opposite the Pakistani town of Chaman. This recent victory by the Taliban continues to raise doubts that the Afghanistan military can prevent them from retaking control of the country. 

What will happen to contractors in Afghanistan?

Even with the ongoing exit of the United States military forces, many contractors will be remaining in the country to play vital support roles to the Afghan military.  The New York Times indicated that the United States military will extend the contracts of several hundred Pentagon contractors who now provide essential maintenance and supply support for the Afghan army.  In the absence of U.S. military protection, these support role contractors will need protection during these turbulent times. The New Yorker reported that 70 American security and defense firms started advertising more than 100 new security and intelligence positions, some with year-long contracts beyond September 11, 2021. CACI and BAE Systems both posted jobs for signals intelligence specialists for an estimated term of 12 months.  Fluor Corporation is hiring technicians working for both the U.S. and the private sector. Louis Berger, who built and maintains the country’s largest power plant inside Bagram, is posting more than 20 new positions at the base. Clearly, even with the military leaving, there still will be a significant presence of foreign contractors operating in the region. 

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