Tuman Global Solutions has partnered with Bolt, the world's largest Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance exchange, to offer you personalized U.S. auto and homeowners insurance plans.  

Auto Insurance

Get competitive auto insurance rates from leading national carriers all in one place. Whether you are part of a multi-car family with a clean driving record or have had traffic violations, we will find the right coverage for you. We go beyond standard protection, helping to shield you from potential legal risks arising from accidents or injuries related to your personal vehicles.

Homeowners Insurance

Safeguard your property against damage and protect yourself from potential liability issues with a wide range of homeowners insurance coverage options. Whether your home has an impeccable loss history, or you've experienced minor losses, we’ve got you covered. 

With Tuman Global Solutions and Bolt, you can expect:

  • A Seamless Experience: Bolt's digital platform simplifies the insurance process, making it efficient for both you and us. No more paperwork – just a convenient digital experience.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: We're dedicated to providing you with a data-enhanced experience. From personalized recommendations to simplified policy management, Tuman Global Solutions, powered by Bolt, redefines the way you interact with insurance.
  • Two Trusted Brands: Our partnership with Bolt seamlessly integrates with our brand. We preserve our unique identity while harnessing Bolt's ecosystem to expand our product offerings and distribution channels for your benefit.