Global Tuition Insurance is an industry-first tuition coverage plan developed and offered exclusively by Tuman Global Solutions. It continues to pay school tuition fees for students who have lost a parent, all the way through graduation. A group plan is available to all international schools operating outside the United States: primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities. 

Why should your school offer Global Tuition Insurance? 

Choosing this plan for your school means providing a safety net for your students. Additionally, it offers parents the security of knowing that their child can continue their education through graduation. 

How does Global Tuition Insurance work? 

Once a school purchases Global Tuition Insurance, all enrolled students are covered. If a parent of an enrolled student dies, the plan pays the tuition fees directly to the school, starting the year after the parent's death through graduation. Tuition is paid at the beginning of each school year, as long as the student is continuously enrolled. 

What are the benefits of Global Tuition Insurance? 

  • Group plan available for schools outside of the United States, primary through university
  • Available to expatriates and local nationals
  • Compulsory for each student at school
  • Exceptionally competitive rates
  • Flat low rate per student
  • Simple application process

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