The risk of operating in many regions, territories, and countries of the world is increasing. Unfortunately, employees working in these types of places are high-value targets for kidnappers and ransom seekers.

What is Kidnap & Ransom Insurance?

This policy protects against kidnap, hijack, illegal detention, bodily injury, and against all forms of extortion, including threats to kill, injure, abduct, or damage property. These events are becoming increasingly common throughout the world. The emotional impact on your operation can be overwhelming. This is why a crisis response team is usually included in the policy.

What role does a crisis response team play?

  • Conducts pre-deployment security overview
  • Assesses threats to your operations
  • Provides ransom negotiation advice
  • Coordinate with local government law enforcement
  • Can secure executive protection services

How can Tuman Global Solutions help your company with Kidnap & Ransom Insurance?

With our years of experience operating globally, we can obtain an insurance policy that provides the coverage to help your company mitigate against the financial impact of a kidnapping, extortion, or illegal detention.

Who needs Kidnap & Ransom Insurance?

Organizations that deploy personnel in high-risk areas of the world. The types of personnel who might benefit the most from this type of insurance are family members of high-profile executives and local staff.