Group Life Insurance is a single agreement between an organization (known as the owner) and an insurance provider that covers an entire group of people. For example, the policy owner is a large corporation and has one policy covering all employees. 

Why does your organization need Group Life Insurance?

Companies can receive significant cost savings in purchasing a Group Life Insurance policy coverage from an insurance provider like Tuman Global Solutions because the company is purchasing many policies and can manage them under one contract. This allows companies to secure insurance for their employees at a much lower rate than purchasing individual policies.

Why should your organization partner with Tuman Global Solutions when procuring Group Life Insurance?

We offer a full scope of Group Life Insurance products and benefits that protect your employees and meet your financial goals.

Tuman Global Solutions Group Life Insurance Offerings and Benefits

  • Flexible group sum insured limits
  • Coverage for local nationals
  • Key person coverage
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Individual top-off options